V-Beauty Thread Vein Removal

Do you have problems with facial thread veins? Then assistance is available using the treatment from V-Beauty the most effective method to treat thread veins and the problem of Rosacea on the face for many years.

The system generates a high frequency current, the bi-product of which is instantaneous heat energy.  This intense heat is targeted at the treatment area by using a single use ultra fine needle and it is the heat energy which coagulates the blood causing the vessel walls to collapse and disappear a surgical technique known as thermo-coagulation.

This energy destroys the vein selectively and very safely.  Unlike several alternative procedures such as laser and electrolysis, V-Beauty can be applied to any skin type or colour with no risk of scarring, burning, bruising, or pigmentation.

The sterile, single use ultra fine needle is coated with an invisible insulating sheath which protects the skin enabling a targeted treatment without the risk of any significant pain or long term effects.

This exclusive method is effective and relatively painless.  Equipped with a magnifying loop, we introduce a fine needle over the vein and in most cases it disappears immediately.


  • V-Beauty can be effective on men
  • Acclaimed by the National Press
  • Instant Results
  • Relatively Painless
  • No side Effects
  • No Bruising
  • Immediate Sun Exposure
  • Non Laser
  • Non IPL
  • Treats 40-50cm of thread veins in 15 Minutes
  • Walk in Walk out treatment

A consultation is required before any treatment which is free of charge.

Treatment cost £75.00

Skin tag removal: £25.00